The tequila market is more complicated than any other time in recent history because there are numerous brands of tequila to browse. Like any mixed drink, brands of tequila change. Some are not too good but others are exceptionally amazing. However, each one has its unique characteristics.

Tequila is usually attached to the tradition of Mexico. More than 300 million blue desert flora are gathered every year. Tequila was first sent out to the United States in the late nineteenth century. So, what is the best brand on the planet in Tequila? With the help of Craft City ( we put together this list of the best tequilas for casual events


This is among the most popular tequila brands in Mexico. It is produced using 100% blue prickly plant and local to Jalisco Heights. Cabrito is an extraordinary case of customary tequila. Being among the most popular tequila in Mexico, it has been positioned among the best 10 mystery autos among Mexican purchasers. It is sold for what could be compared to $ 35 a container and is refreshing for its incentive all through Mexico.

100 Anos

This blend comprises of 51% agave and is prescribed for blended beverages or as a basic element for modest gatherings. The short-adjusted container brings out the customary state of the old Tequila bottles and signifies the extraordinary legacy of the spirit. The container retails for around $ 20.


You will presumably find a good pace bottle on the racks of your nearby alcohol stores. This Jalisco-based brand is produced using 100% agave and depends on a remarkable generation strategy: the refined fixings utilize new and cooked agave juice, which is then cooked to keep the flavor new. Each container costs around $ 20.

Jose Cuervo Traditional

These exceptional beverages are mainstream in Mexico and the United States, where they symbolize a gathering in the container. Made with 100% agave, it is predominantly utilized for picks and blended beverages and served cold frosted. The jugs cost around $ 25.